Note of correction to “Cases for considering the European Tradition: Islam and America”

I have, since writing the post “Cases for Considering the European Tradition: Islam and America” been soundly rebuked for my analysis of the status of Christianity in the European tradition. A convincing case has been made that Christianity is not part of the European tradition but rather something foreign to it. The case was made on a number of grounds. First, my analysis of Christianity as originating within the Roman Empire is flawed because the ecumene of the Roman Empire was not Europe but rather the Mediterranean world. This does not mean that Rome is not part of the European tradition, but rather that its geographical concentration included non-European centres which have also, in effect, carried on distinct aspects of the Roman empire without carrying on the European tradition.

Besides that, there are some more obvious considerations which I did not weigh in heavily enough in the consideration, namely that the origins of Christianity are not based upon European ideas but Judaism, and also important is that the original Christians were not Europeans but also Jews.

For that reason, an analysis of the European tradition must take into consideration that Christianity is a foreign influence even as it has affected a great part of the history of Europe and the conceptual as well as value structure in European peoples today. The recommendation which I was given was that a European tradition should actually be based around tracking the traditions which originate within the distinct peoples of Europe, for example the Greco-Romans, the Slavs, Baltic, Germanic peoples, and so on.


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